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Introducing “The Nine Circles of Scientific Hell”

A humorous take on the sins of scientists who try to cut corners. Funniest figure ever in a scientific paper? I’m still partial to the baby chicken and the beard, but that’s just me.

Check out the article, featuring the first peer-reviewed pseudonymous authorship ever (what up fellow blogger “Neuroskeptic”?), in Perspectives on Psychological Science.

(via io9)


Taken from the Apollo 7 spacecraft in 1968, this photo shows the morning sun reflecting on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.
8 images of Earth as seen from space


Colourful Moon-3 (by EddieTrimarchi)

You wouldn’t know by looking at the moon, that it was radiating so many different colours. Caused by the composition of minerals in the lunar soil, these colours are captured by cameras but need image processing techniques to make them visible. Taken September 26 2010 with a 6” f6 (900mm) Maksutov Newtonian Telescope and a Canon 20D DSLR camera. This is a single 1/40th second exposure at ISO 100. Photoshop was used to enhance the colours to a visible level.

Source: Astronomy Photographer of the Year

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