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Chicago Blackhawks players Bobby Hull and Dennis Hull show off their missing teeth - a set of smiles worthy of the news that the NHL lockout appears to be over - in this classic photo from the Sun-Times archives.

A perfectly snowy day to do whatever this guy was doing with a kite and skateboard at 63rd St. Beach. #chicago #chiweather

Whoa Tender: 18th Street Brewery: Gary, IN 


It was a dream that began in Chicago, in honor of 18th Street. Drew and his wife fell in love with Pilsen. Having been raised in Humboldt Park, Drew felt right at home among the incredible diversity there. Plans to open a craft beer bar were formed—those plans went by the wayside. New…

Lots of sailboats stacked up to head through the Chicago River bridges to dry dock this morning. It’s getting to be that time of year - when boats have to get out of the marinas before winter hits.
I shot this with an iPhone 5 using the iTimeLapse app.

(Source: vimeo.com)

The start of our trip today - still filled with energy and mischief. #chicago (Taken with Instagram)


Jackie Robinson at Comiskey Park c. 1947.

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White Sox fan acts like a White Sox fan when presented with the wrong Pillow Pet. I think she also cursed Joe Cowley under her breath.


Photographer Tom Cruze finds the perfect spot for kite surfers to try their luck - Montrose Harbor Beach on Lake Michigan. Adrien Seguy took advantage of the windy conditions to kite surf Wednesday afternoon. Click through for more photos of Seguy defying gravity.

Aqua. The building in Chicago that earned Jeanne Gang a MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant. Well deserved!

(Source: suntimes.com)

A ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ strip club trip lands living buddies in jail


Two men accused of driving around with a dead friend, using his ATM card and visiting a strip club are charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation.

Robert Young and Mark Rubinson are free on bond but they couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday.

It’s unclear how Jeffery Jarrett died, but the men are not charged in his death.

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