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Watching @natashakorecki, @markbrowncst, @marymitchellcst and a robot @davemckinney123 record Off Message. #earlyandoften

#SonNo2 is wiped out after running around for the last few hours. Score!

#SonNo1 put a good swing on a high fastball - a little too high. #popup

#SonNo2 gets some leaf work done. #latergram

Chicago firefighters relax as the Wrigleyville fire scene is wrapping up.

Watching the Wrigleyville fire - not the usual Cubs disaster kind.

Smoke pours out of buildings as Chicago firefighters douse the remains of the Wrigleyville fire.

Instagram Blog: A Look at Ads on Instagram 


A few weeks ago, we shared our plans to introduce advertising on Instagram. Today, we want to provide a few more details about exactly what ads on Instagram will look like.

If you’re in the United States, you’ll see the sample ad above sometime in the coming week. This is a one-time ad…

Someone just compared @morrisseycst to Jay Marriotti on our Facebook page

I’m not here to defend Rick - he’s perfectly capable. But I would ask this perhaps misaligned reader if, I don’t know, they ever actually read Jay? Or watched him on TV? Or heard him speak? ‘Cause, wow.

In with @RahmEmanuel for @cst_editorials board meeting.

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