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The fifth-graders at Bradwell School of Excellence in the South Shore neighborhood talk about why their community is a neighborhood, a home and a place of love and hope.

But it isn’t Chiraq.

A Vicious Cycle: Cook County’s inmates in wheelchairs face challenges and pose risks 




Inside the Cook County Jail, a wheelchair can be a weapon.

An inmate in a wheelchair can remove a handrail and turn it into a club.

A seat-adjustment handle can be fashioned into a shank.

And a shank can be hidden in an inmate’s colostomy bag.

11 facts about gun violence in the United States 

Need a pick-me-up? How ‘bout a dancing baby Groot …

Need a pick-me-up? How ‘bout a dancing baby Groot …


Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, was an adolescent boy in a small Alabama town in the early 1970s when he saw something he couldn’t forget.

Bicycling home on a new 10-speed, he passed a large cross in flames in front of a house — one that he knew belonged to a black family. Around the cross were Klansmen, dressed in white cloaks and hoods, chanting racial slurs. Mr. Cook heard glass break, maybe someone throwing something through a window. He yelled, “Stop!”

One of the men lifted his conical hood, and Mr. Cook recognized a deacon from a local church (not Mr. Cook’s). Startled, he pedaled away.

“This image was permanently imprinted in my brain, and it would change my life forever,” Mr. Cook said of the burning cross, in a speech he gave last December.

NYTimes: With patience and conscience, Tim Cook leads Apple

Sun-Times interactive front page for Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Here’s a look at today’s front page of the Sun-Times, complete with links to our top stories and video, including the showdown in Ukraine.

Simply click on the bullseye or video icons that appears over each story to be taken directly to it on our website.


Nikon D600 recall? After more than a year of denial?

So, Nikon spent the last year denying a D600 sensor issue - they even released the D610 as an “upgrade.” Now a recall of the D600? Nonsense.

Nikon Inc. is contacting you regarding your D600 D-SLR camera. As you may be aware, Nikon Inc. recently issued a Technical Service Advisory for Users of the Nikon D600 D-SLR camera.

This Advisory related that some users of Nikon’s D600 D-SLR camera have reported the appearance of tiny spots on certain of their images. Not all users have experienced this issue. Nikon has thoroughly evaluated these reports and has determined that these spots are caused by dust particles which may become visible when the camera is used in certain circumstances and/or with certain settings. It is a well-known fact that the presence of dust particles cannot be completely avoided when using a D-SLR camera even after normal sensor cleaning procedures, because of a number of factors including components moving at high speeds when images are taken, the use of interchangeable lenses and the different environments in which a D-SLR camera may be used. As part of its customer-service commitment, Nikon is providing a customer-service measure to reduce the potential impact of dust particles on images taken by its D600 D-SLR cameras.

Nikon has resolved this by making available to you (even if Nikon’s product warranty has expired) this customer-service measure, which includes the inspection, cleaning and replacement of the shutter assembly and related parts of your camera, FREE OF CHARGE as well as the cost of shipping your D600 camera to Nikon and its return to you. Once again, please understand that regardless of this service, your D600 camera as is the case with all D-SLR cameras, will continue to require normal periodic sensor cleanings.

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How Breaking News users personalized their Olympics 


Thousands of Breaking News users tracked the 2014 Olympics on their own terms, muting stories to avoid spoilers or personalizing push notifications to ping them with results of their favorite events. We published over 600 Olympics updates in our mobile app, and we thought it would be fun to…

Nice new playlot for a school that closed a year later. #cps

So, this lot just left my house. #halloween

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